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Chromebook Charging Instructions

It is important that you use the correct charging port when plugging in your Chromebook each day. Below are instructions, as well as pictures, to aid in this process. Before assuming your laptop is not charging or does not work, make sure you are using the correct charging port and have given ample time for charging (at least 3 consecutive hours of plugged in time). If you feel there is ​a problem with your computer​ or you have ​technology questions​, please reach out to the technology help desk at 913-279-2016.

All Chromebooks have 2 charging ports, however only one identified in the pictures below as LH will completely charge your laptop. Place your computer flat in front of you with the DELL symbol upside down (see pictures below). You will notice two charging ports located on each corner (RH and LH).


​ (Left-hand side of laptop)                                                                                         (Right-hand side of laptop)

When charging your laptop, ​ALWAYS​ use the left-hand (LH) port. You know you have the correct port when you see a green/white or orange light to indicate your laptop is charging or is fully charged. Green/White​ means your laptop is fully charged. Orange​ means your laptop is charging and needs more time on the charger.


(Left-hand side of laptop)




Rotating your flipped Screen

You can rotate the image on your Chromebook screen by pressing the ctrl + shift + refresh keys at the same time. Each time you press this key combination, the image on the screen will rotate 90 degrees.



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