Cub Crew 2020

**Please note: I am still taking applications for those entering 8th grade and not going to Sumner.  If you are interested for the 2020-21 school year, please click on the following google link and fill out the form.  


Cub Crew’s  mission is to successfully transition 5th graders to middle school by addressing the three fundamental transition needs that every student has: Safety, Information and Connection.

Cub Crew is open to 8th grade students who meet the criteria and have a desire to serve as a leader at Central Middle School.  Those chosen will serve as leaders for various activities, social follow-ups, academic follow-ups and in the classroom as role models.  They lead lessons on bullying, organization, communication, character education and many more topics that concern the transition to middle school.

Cub Crew places 8th grade students in a position to connect with 6th graders and create a sense of  community throughout the building.  The curriculum used focuses on character development, leadership, anti-bullying, and service. The goal of these topics is to encourage student leaders to set and achieve goals, as well as develop the skills necessary to become academically excellent.

What is an Academic Follow Up?
Academic follow ups occur in the classroom with a designated Cub Crew leader and  FA Teacher.  Cub Crew  leaders prepare a lesson to present to the class that teaches students a skill that is useful for the transition into middle school life. Cub Crew  leaders will usually do a small activity and end with reflection so students have time to process what was learned during the period.  These are an integral part of the program that allow 6th graders to learn from their peers and 8th graders to develop leadership skills.

What is a Social Follow-Up?
Social follow ups occur outside the classroom and are usually school wide events to develop community.  Cub Crew leaders will connect with the 6th graders at these events and develop a stronger sense of community. Students are encouraged to attend activities such as sporting events and dances, as well as get involved in clubs to develop connections.

Do you want to become a Cub Crew Leader?
  • You will have weekly evaluations of yourself as a student leader.
  • You will be required to attend a virtual training on August 25th, 2020 from 10AM-noon.  More details will follow as the date gets closer.
  • You will plan and run social follow-ups and academic follow-ups for your 6th grade peers.
  • You will be required to participate in some kind of service project and log your hours (2 hours total for 1 year-can be done at CMS)
  • Cub Crew leaders have an important role in the building that must be taken seriously, as student role models, you will be RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL and SAFE at all times.
  • Even though we will start the year working as a team virtually, we will still support our 6th grade students.  Cub Crew will go on regardless of Covid19.